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Check out the latest Nu Tap app that has been released on the Andriod Market. We're building productivity for mobile devices one app at a time. "Have you Nu Tap'd lately!"

Ever get busy during the day and find yourself in need of calling for a sitter; only to realize that the babysitter list is at home.  Now with the mySitters app you can store all of your sitter information right into your moblie device. 

mySitters allows you to store the phone number, comments, and picture or your sitters.  You can also track how many times a sitter is used, email your sitter information to friends and family, and call your sitter directly from the app.

There are also options to customize the look of mySitters. You can choose from a varity of background images and fonts to make the look your own or you can add your own picture to have that personal touch.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a sitter make sure you do it the easy way with the mySitters app from Nu Taps.

mySitters at a snap shot:
  • Store an unlimited amount of sitters
  • Track how many times a sitter gets used
  • Add picture or take picture of sitter
  • Call sitter from mySitters
  • Add existing contacts to mySitters
  • Email sitter information to friends and family.
  • Options to change background and font of mySitters

Where you can find mySitters:

Google Play